Sarung Tangan Militer Tahan Api Breacher Mechanix Wear

Sarung Tangan Militer Tahan Api Breacher Mechanix Wear

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Product Description

The Breacher is a flame resistant tactical glove designed to protect the hands of military and SWAT team members during forcible entry and high risk operations. A one-piece knuckle guard molded with dense Thermoplastic Rubber protects the back of your hand and D3O® palm padding absorbs impact to reduce hand fatigue. Mil spec FR Nomex® and FR goatskin leather shield your hands against heat and flame exposure in the field.

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  1. Wide-Fit closure creates a secure fit to your wrist.
  2. Molded Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) absorbs blunt force impact to the back of your hand.
  3. Thermoplastic Rubber finger guards reduce impact and abrasion.
  4. Flame-resistant Nomex® back of hand protection.
  5. Kevlar thread construction improves structural integrity.
  6. Removable trigger finger seams eliminate material fray.
  7. Flame-resistant goatskin leather palm infused with touchscreen technology.
  8. D3O palm padding absorbs impact and vibration to reduce hand fatigue.
  9. Nylon carrier loops for storage

Intended Uses

  • Military
  • SWAT

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