frequently asked questions

My Account

  1. Click Login or Register.
  2. Select register to create account.
  3. Input the required data for your detail info.
  4. Click submit button to process your registration.
  5. We will verify your account in 1 x 24 hours.
  6. Please wait email confirmation from us when the verification is done.
  1. Click Login or Register.
  2. Select login collums
  3. Enter your email and password.
  4. The first time you log in to the website, you’ll see a screen asking for approval to remember your email and password, and you can sign in automatically the next day. If you agree, click remember me.
  5. Click login
  1. Click Login or Register.
  2. Enter your username or email.
  3. Click “Forgot password”
  4. Retype your username or email and click Reset Password.
  5. A password reset email has been sent to your inbox.
  6. Check your inbox and click on the given link.
  7. Enter the new password on the provided field and then click Save.
  8. Your password is successfully changed! Try to log in to you account with the new password.

My Order

You can choose the product you want to buy, the size and variation, then click add to cart button. For more information, you can check the user guide here: https://astacipta.com/how-to-order/

  1. Go to My Account menu.
  2. Click on Orders tab.
  3. Click on the order number you want to view or the action button you want to process.

There are 2 ways to check your order status:

  1. Check it on your account Orders menu
  2. Check it instantly on Order Status tab in Track My Order menu https://astacipta.com/track-my-order/ by input your Order ID

We will send you an email with the subject “[asta] Review Your Experience with Us” to review product after your order is finished. You just need to click on Review button then give your rating and comments about the product and service.

You should register an account as customer or supplier before doing transaction in Astacipta.

We are now preparing for a special feature to help your procurement process. This feature will facilitate both customers and suppliers for the demand and supply of goods. In the meantime, you can make a request for quotation by sent email to: support@astacipta.com.


We provided various payment method to ease your transaction, which are:

  1. Bank Transfer via Virtual Account
  2. Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, JCB)
  1. If your order has been approved, we send a confirmation via email to continue payment.
  2. Select the payment method and follow the instructions.
  3. Complete your payment. 
  4. Order status will be updated to processed.
  5. You’ve successfully paid your order and next you just need to wait the order delivered.

Yes, you need to confirm after making a payment then we can process your order. The maximum time for payment confirmation is 1×24 hours after the order.

Shipping & Delivery

We have some available shipping method that you can choose on your order, which are:

  1. Asta Shipping (delivery by our logistic team)
  2. JNE
  3. Deliveree
  4. Ninja Xpress

After you finish the payment, we will process and shipped your order. We will send shipping information including shipping receipt number to your email, so you can track the order shipping status.

  1. Go to Track My Order menu on https://astacipta.com/track-my-order/
  2. Go to Shipping Status tab
  3. Insert your shipping receipt number on “Your tracking number” collumn
  4. Choose the expedition (JNE/TIKI/J&T/WAHANA/POS/SICEPAT)
  5. Click Track Your Order button
  6. You’ll get shipping status of your order based on expedition website

The shipping time depends on shipping method you’ve choose. We normally process your order in business hours (Mon to Fri 8am-5pm). 

Currently, we are only able to ship products within Indonesia area.

Still have more question?

Contact us on 

Email: support@astacipta.com

WhatsApp: +62 878-8908-8297.

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