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Protect Your Valuable Hands Without Much Effort Long Lasting Quality Guarantee

Dear Professionals,

Have you ever observed people who work without a proper glove? Can you imagine what happens next? Are you lucky enough to safe from that danger?

Despite the importance of its function, hands and fingers have more nerve endings and more pain receptors than any part of our bodies. So that, the injuries will be more harmful and painful in hands and fingers.

About 30 percents of hand injuries occurred because hand protection was inadequate, damaged or misapplied (OSHA – Occupational Safety and Health Act). As you know, safety glove is one of the greatest hand protection tool that mostly used in various industry. But, not all the safety glove can protect us from hazards like pinch points, struck by, cut, puncture and chemical exposure. If we use the wrong safety glove, we might be experiencing some bad injuries:

Electric Shock
Chemical Exposure
Struck By

Safety Glove Problem

Have you ever experience unsafe feeling and not comfortable when working at the field using safety glove as PPE? Maybe you have faced one or two of the things listed here:


Bad Effect

  • Material too thin
Cuts, puncture, dangerous chemical absorbs, burns
  • Material too stiff
Not flexible and inhibit dexterity
  • Material too slippery
Hard to gripping thing
  • Non-breathable material
Hands get easily sweaty
  • Bad quality material
Hands got blister for excessive hand use, gloves not durable for long-term used
  • Material didn’t support by high-technology
Not able to touch screen, heat resistance, heat retention, impact-resistant, abrasion-resistant

This Brand Could Answer All Of The Problems

You’re probably thinking, “How could it be?”. Here’s why:

Product Benefit

Product Feature

  • Protection from cuts and puncture
ANSI A2-A6 cut resistance
  • Protection from excessive hand use
DuraHide™ Performance Leather
  • Prevents loss of fingers and hands
Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR)
  • Protection from chemicals and burns
FR Kevlar® and FR Kovenex®
  • Provides superior fit, feel and functionality

–    Breathable TrekDry® : keep hand cool and comfort

–    Touchscreen capable synthetic leather : ability to touch screen

–    Armortex® fingertips : for durable gripping power

–    Adjustable Wide-Fit™ : to adjust comfort

The History About The Product

In 1991, the first generation of this brand named The Original® Mechanix was born as a glove for mechanics and pit crews. Decades later, the brand have grown into industries where skilled hands go to work every day. It proved that Mechanix Wear has been trusted for a long time until now. Mechanics, construction workers, trade professionals, service members and law enforcement all agree that Mechanix Wear gloves is THE TOOL THAT FITS LIKE A GLOVE.

The Feature Product

Perhaps this is the first time you knew about Mechanix Wear gloves. We want to guide you to take a glimpse and amazed with their sophisticated product:

M-Pact® Knit CR3A3
SpeedKnit™ CR5
M-Pact® XPLOR™ D4
Hi-Viz M-Pact® 2
The Original®
Why You Should Buy Mechanix Wear Gloves In Astacipta?
We have become a single authorized distributor for Mechanix Wear brand in Indonesia since January 2019. From that time until now, we have been served many of our customer by selling the international-quality gloves with competitive prices in the market. They always satisfied by its durable and excellent gloves material for long-term used.

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