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Become Our Supplier

Expand your business expansion by joining our official vendor. Open opportunities for your business Expand your business expansion by joining our platform as official supplier. Open opportunities for your business to be able to transact with trusted corporate and government companies that have been registered and active in astaproc been registered and active in astaproc.

The Advantages of Being Our Supplier

Trusted Customer Network

All Astacipta customers are corporate-grade. You can have unlimited transactions with them.

No Registration Fee

No fees and commissions for registration. Free of initial investment and registration fees.

Wholesale Scale

Sell ​​in large volume. You can do business on a wholesale scale so that turnover is faster and sales are higher.

No Delay

Payment is directly transferred after the goods arrive with complete invoice document and passed our quality control. Without delay, so your business can run more smoothly every day.

Safe and Reliable

Each of your transactions will always be controlled by the Astacipta team and the required documents from customer inquiry will also handled by us.

Special Price

Set special prices for customers at astaproc via quotation submission. You can also give the second special price via negotiation feature once customer request for it.

Supplier Registration Flow at astaproc

1. Astacipta Account

Go to Login or Register menu and choose Supplier Registration to create your Astacipta Supplier account.

2. Complete data

Fill out the form by completing the required data.

3. Wait for Verification

Wait for the verification email from within 1×24 working hour.

Interested in becoming a Vendor?

Increase sales by becoming a supplier of goods at astaproc