Astaproc Feature

Feature Overview

Purchase Flow via Request for Quotation

Customer Flow

1. Create Inquiry/RFQ

Find the Request for Quotation button in astaproc section on the homepage and submit the item inquiry with the specification your company need.

2. Accept Quotation

Once your request is submitted, we will process to sourcing the item and send the offer price before the inquiry expiry date. You can confirm by accept or send negotiation to the quotation.

3. Complete Payment

If you agreed with the final price, you just need to make a final confirmation and complete the payment. Then, we will process the purchase order to supplier for processing the item shipment.

4. Receive Item

We will notify you if the item that has passed our quality control and ready to be deliver to your address. You will receive the goods on time.

Supplier Flow

1. Choose Inquiry/RFQ
Find the RFQ that suits your product stock in the inquiry list. You can filter it too as you need!
2. Submit Quotation
Create an offer by submit quotation to the RFQ. You can select item and give the specification you can offer.
3. Process PO & Shipping
Once your quotation confirmed as an order by customer, you’ll get the PO. It’s time to do packing and shipping!
4. Receive Payment
After the product arrived at our place and passed the QC, we will release the payment to you.

About Shipping

Delivery at astaproc

With supplier spread around the nation, astaproc delivery can reach to many provinces in Indonesia. We also have our own messenger team in some cities that will deliver your goods safely.