Portascreed® Engine & Handle Petrol – FPS-2 Flextool

Portascreed® Engine & Handle Petrol – FPS-2 Flextool


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The Portascreed FPS-2 has been engineered to deliver high frequency vibration across the entire blade length. This allows the operator to accurately screed the concrete surface in 75% less time than traditional screeding methods. The Portascreed is also equipped with four independent handle vibration isolators and a fully adjustable twin handle system maximising operator comfort and screed control. The newly improved model now comes with engine protection frame, and the special design side exhaust Honda engine minimises operator’s exposure to fume.

Engine: Honda GX35 1.5HP.

Operating weight: 17kg.

Extrusion Blades length: range from 1.2m to 4.9m.


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