How to Choose The Best Concrete Floats for Workers

How to Choose The Best Concrete Floats for Workers

We all agree that construction projects not only take a long time to implement but also during preparation. You can start entering a list of materials, workers, and tools. Until finally you start to be confused about which product is the most appropriate for the construction project tool. Because choosing a tool is not only about expensive or cheap, branded or not, but more than that.

One of the many tools on the list is the concrete float. It’s true that it’s not something big, but it’s still confusing for people who haven’t bought it before. Especially if you have to buy from a B2B supplier with a wide selection of concrete floats, it will get serious. Then product suggestions and reviews are what you need most.

As a procurement platform that houses a variety of suppliers, including concrete floats, Astacipta will share them with you. We’ll explain more below, how to choose the best concrete float for your company’s construction project needs!

About Concrete Floats

In general construction projects, where the surface of the concrete dough is made smooth, then a concrete float will be needed there. This tool is used by construction workers for the process of finishing parts of concrete surfaces. So that the part becomes smoother and ready for the next step.

The process of smoothing the surface with concrete float is carried out after the surface has been screed. Because after that process, there are still parts that are usually imperfect. So it requires a more refining process. A concrete float can be a small hand tool, but it can also be bigger with a long handle. There is also something called a power trowel or power float which is operated by a machine. Usually, the concrete float is made of wood, aluminum, or magnesium metal.

Concrete Float Type

One of the unfortunate misconceptions, most of them only consider the price when buying concrete float from B2B suppliers. They compare and try to find the most efficient price. They think it is what determines the quality of the tools when used by workers. Even though there are ‘types’ that are more influential than that.

Each concrete float type will have a different effect on the surface finish.


Steel concrete floats are not suitable for use on concrete surfaces that are not dry enough. It is necessary to wait for the water to evaporate completely. Because if used in a hurry, this concrete will cover the pores of the concrete and water will be trapped under the surface. The effect, the layer above it can experience delamination.

This type can be considered because it adds strength to the concrete surface and makes it durable.


This is a favorite alternative you could get from B2B supplier for a limited budget. Because this type is relatively cheaper than others. As a result, his lifespan was not that long either. This is because the wood will naturally absorb water that comes out of the concrete surface when it is dragged. After applying the concrete float, it is sprayed and this makes the edges continue to erode.

The part of the wood that is getting eroded eventually becomes unsuitable for grinding concrete. Because the surface is no longer smooth and it actually attracts more concrete. Even so, it is sometimes useful when working on stiff or too hard concrete surfaces.

Generally, the wood used for the manufacturing material is redwood. But you can also find tougher materials such as jarrah that is tougher than teak.


As a result, this type is almost the same as a wood float. The concrete surface will be slightly rough. But the good news is, this type is more durable than wood float because the surface is not easily eroded and does not absorb the remaining water from the concrete. Naturally, this type is usually more expensive than the wood type in B2B supplier.


This type is clearly lighter than the steel type. But when compared to the magnesium type, it is still 30% heavier. Aluminum is strong and very good at opening the pores of the concrete. This makes it easier for the residual water to evaporate and not get trapped under the layers.


At a price generally higher than aluminum, magnesium is not as strong. But it is much easier to carry when working because it is lighter. Better yet, this type does not attract concrete surfaces like wood or resin types.

Buying Tips

Apart from leveling the surface, closing gaps, and smoothing the surface in preparation for the next process, floats are also useful as a dry-shake color hardener. Mainly to remove residual water from the concrete surface and bring the paste to the surface.

  • If you are looking to buy the magnesium type from B2B supplier, look for a magnesium float that has a strap on top. That’s to add strength and prevent distortion.
  • If you want a bull float, you will need to purchase the handle separately. Usually, there will be aluminum, magnesium, or resin types available. Length between 4 to 10 feet. If you work around the area of power lines, it is better to choose a resin material, which does not conduct electricity.
  • Not all floats are equipped with a bracket assembly for attaching the handle. So if you want to add a handle, you also buy the piece separately. You can purchase a type of tilt action bracket in B2B supplier that is easier to adjust when turning the handle.
  • For those of you who are looking for a hand float, look for the handle that is connected by a screw. If one day it breaks, you can replace it with a new part.
  • Choose a hand float with a handle that is loose enough for your fingers and comfortable to hold.
  • If you buy wood float, understand each type of wood, teak, bodark, and redwood. Because each wood can give a different surface finish.
  • A rubber float can be a good choice from B2B supplier if you want a textured finish. It is also anti-slip and can bring more sand to the surface.

You could get great quality concrete floats on the Astacipta Procurement Platform (astapro). There are some different specifications to provide a better result for your construction project. Orders will be processed immediately by B2B Supplier after you place your order, then it will be sent to your address as soon as possible. Get the best product for your procurement with us!

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