Why Should Choose Lyngsoe Rainwear in Your Procurement

Why Should Choose Lyngsoe Rainwear in Your Procurement

For supporting your rainwear procurement, Lyngsoe Rainwear is a recommended brand. It has so many excellence of product and design for comfort user. There are so many types of goods made to support workers for any industry. Such as rain coverall, recycled trousers, winter jacket and so on.

The first thing you need to think about before purchasing the goods is a brand and its goods quality. You need to analyze which brands give you an excellent product or having a good reputation. A brand which has a good reputation is really important to give you the best product.

Lyngsoe Rainwear has been making waterproof even windproof garments since 1999. So it’s about twenty-one years we have been giving a good quality product. You can choose your product to fulfill your rain coverall procurement and you don’t need to doubt our quality.

Our distribution center is based in Herning, Denmark. We have delivered our product to more than 30 countries all around the world. There are so many authorized distributors all over the world, including in Indonesia. It’s the ease you to purchase the goods.

An authorized distributor for Lyngsoe Rainwear in Indonesia is Astacipta. You can purchase all your company goods in our official store. Here are reasons why you should choose Lyngsoe Rainwear to fulfill your needs.

Lyngsoe Rainwear Has a Great Excellence Product

Lyngsoe Rainwear is a brand that has so many types of waterproof, flame-retardant even windproof garments such as rain coverall, recycled trousers, rain jacket, anti-flame, and winter rain jacket. All those waterproof and windproof garments are used for many industries or personal use. You can do the procurement of rain jackets through our authorized distributor, Astacipta.

We provide rainwear for many industries such as agriculture, fishing industry, even chemical and food industry. You can purchase the goods from our company or tell us your needs so we can provide the goods that suit your needs.

Lyngsoe Rainwear has a good quality product and has an international standard for each product. Such as EN 343 which’s a certification for workwear to protect workers against rain, fog, even snow. We also have a certification such as EN ISO 20471 which is an international standard for certified workwear for the protection of high-visibility.

If you need a rain coverall or jacket for a specific use such as flame-retardant, We have the products with international standard. That’s EN ISO 14116, an international standard for workwear that has excellence for flame-retardant protection for your workers. So you can use the product for protecting your workers.

An international standard for rainwear is really important to ensure safety for your workers. It’s also an important consideration before doing a procurement. You need to analyze a quality product from some brands whether it is offering an international standard. An international standard is a proof that the product is recognized for its quality throughout the world.

Not only having international standards but also created from a good material former for each rain coverall or jacket. Lyngsoe Rainwear has an extra-strong fabric such as strong PU or PVC quality, anti-oil, and cold for the fishing industry. A good material former has an important role to make your workers feel safe, warm, and comfortable.

Lyngsoe Rainwear has an Elegant and Comfort Design

One of an aspect you need to consider for the procurement of rain coverall is design. Design is a supporting aspect that makes goods look elegant and comfortable for the user. You need to think about a design that makes your workers feel comfortable.

Lyngsoe Rainwear has an elegant and comfortable design to support work for any industry or personal use. We have so many designs for rain coverall or jacket products. For the fishing industry, we have neck opening with press studs, it eases your workers to set up the hat.

We completed our rain coverall with pockets, such as hidden chest pockets or outside pockets to save your tools safely while rainy. The pockets are completed with a zipper so it’s safe for the tools you bring. It is also completed with zipper and press stud fastening in the jacket and trousers.

Lyngsoe Rainwear is a recommended brand you need to consider for the procurement of rainwear needs. It has an elegant and comfortable design to support your workers in finishing a project. So you don’t need to think twice about choosing the brands.

You can provide your rain coverall or jacket needs in Astacipta. We are an authorized distributor for the Lyngsoe brand in Indonesia. We provide many types of clothing to protect your workers. You can access our official website at astacipta.com to get a special price.

Lyngsoe Rainwear has Various Color and Size

There is some reason why Lyngsoe Rainwear is a nice brand you need to consider for the procurement of rain coverall needs. It offers goods of various colors and sizes. There are about sixteen colors of rain coverall product. You can choose your favorite color to boost energy.

Not only have various colors, but also having many sizes to suit your needs. We have nine sizes starts from XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL, 4XL, and 5XL. You can choose the size that fits your body. Choosing the right size can make your workers comfortable while working.

If you need a rain coverall for specific needs such as a winter rain jacket or flame-retardant rain jacket, we can provide a product with various colors and sizes. We provide various types and specification products from Lyngsoe Rainwear. For more detailed specification products, you can access our official website at www.astacipta.com.

As an authorized distributor for the Lyngsoe brand in Indonesia, we will give a guarantee that our products are 100% original. We also give a product guarantee for replacing the product with the one if the product is broken when accepted.

Lyngsoe Rainwear Offers a Competitive Price

A financial budget for the procurement of rain coverall is a really important thing. You need to set your financial budget before purchasing any goods. Setting a financial budget is just guidance to get the products as your budget. You can compare the price from many suppliers to get a competitive price.

Astacipta is an authorized distributor for Lyngsoe Rainwear in Indonesia. We offer a competitive price for rain coverall products. You can get a rain coverall at a competitive price starts from Rp550,000. It’s a competitive price and you can compare the prices to other suppliers or brands.

You can look for specific goods on our website at www.astacipta.com. We offer many types of products with various price and budget-friendly product. We will give you a chance to negotiate the price so it suits your budget.

There are so many rain jacket brands in the market. Before purchasing the goods, you need to understand many aspects such as the excellence of the product, product design for comfort user, various color and size, and absolutely product price. It’s all-important aspects to get the best product for the procurement of rainwear.

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