Five Reasons Why e-Procurement Improve the Ease of Purchasing in B2B

Five Reasons Why e-Procurement Improve the Ease of Purchasing in B2B

E-procurement can give you so many advantages and the ease of purchasing in a company. It’s the kind of system or application that helps you to purchase goods or services in the right and efficient way. Purchasing process starts from analyzing the objective of your company, selecting the best supplier until monitoring and evaluating are all done through the system.

All those buying procedures can be done using an application. It can reduce an error and prevents you to buy the wrong goods or services. An application has become one of the popular tools in a company. It needs support from the organization and management to make a successful buying.

A company is willing to use the electronic application because of its role in the ease of purchasing goods or services. Starting from planning until controlling and evaluation. Although they should spend many costs to buy the tool. It might be worth it. These are the following reasons why an electronic system improves the ease of purchasing.

Help You to Decide the Purchase Needs

An electronic application helps you to decide the buying goods or service’s needs easily in B2B company. This becomes the reason for using the application in buying goods or services. A professional purchased has a database in the application about the quantity and position of goods in a company. 

The status of goods helps a professional purchaser to analyze the needs or give a warning. Sometimes there’s an indicator that shows which goods is needed to be restocked. A system will give you an automatic reminder. So don’t need to check manually in the storage.

If there is a request from another department, e-procurement will give you a notification. So you can process the request in the next steps. This application gives you many benefits. Such as saving your time to analyze or communicate across departments. You can do other activities more productive.

The application helps you to prevent duplicate buying and or increasing volume baying in easily. The system will note all of your goods which you have inputted so it prevents to buy duplicate buying. A duplicate buying can spend your cost.

Creating Fast Transaction Purchase Process

When creating a transaction of buying goods in a B2B company, you can do it fast and more efficiently. Because of all the processes is doing through the application. You will have accurate data to decide on a purchase process based on the application. So, it might cut some purchase processes such as selecting the supplier. 

An application will show you the reputation of an existing supplier you have chosen. You can check data about existing suppliers like pricing or delivery times. If you have valid data, you just can make an order as soon as possible without thinking about so many analyses.

You just can check directly with the supplier for an updated price. The data about price will help you to negotiate with the supplier. You can negotiate to get the best price for the same goods at present time. If the supplier gives you a high price, you can request the best price.

If you have an order that is still being processed, you can check the system and directly contact the supplier. This information helps you to do a fast procurement process. All related document such as purchase orders which is completed by signature, you can give to the chosen supplier by an automatic signature without waiting for so long.

The supplier will process your order soon. An application is saving you time so it will make you more productive. A system will help you to reduce the workload from a purchaser staff by making an automatic signature for a purchase order or controlling the order. 

A transaction process isn’t doing only during office hours. That condition will make a purchase process can be done at any time. If there are urgent goods and need to be provided at the moment, a professional purchaser will access the application out of the office and make an order soon.

Transaction in B2B Company Can Be Tracked Easily

E-procurement will make you monitor and track all the orders you have made to the supplier. The application will make your work easier such as helps you to analyze the purchase process whether it is running according to your policies. On the platform, any member could get their order history by clicking the “Track my Order” link. It only needs the order ID to access.

You can track all the orders through the application such as the status of goods, delivery time, or payment process. All information about vendors is in the system. If your application shows that your goods haven’t been sent by the supplier yet, you can follow-up to know about the delivery schedule. 

You can check which goods are delayed delivery or having delivery problems. The application will help you to remind your orders in B2B company. Talking about the payment process, you can check through the application which order has completed in payment. You need to coordinate with the financial department about the problem.

If you have completed the down payment of the goods but your goods haven’t been sent it yet, a follow-up to the supplier is needed to get an update. It isn’t surprising that the purchase tools is easing to analyze all the process and control the suppliers.

Help You to Reduce an Error

It isn’t surprising that electronic tools can help you to reduce an error in the purchase process. Through the electronic system, all related purchase document will appear in your database. It is will make it easier to correct any errors that may occur. 

For example, you will make an order for about a hundred safety gloves in the B2B company for adding your stock. You don’t need to count manually in the storage, but you just check through the system about the stock of your safety gloves. This system helps you to reduce an error. 

The order history can be a reference that allows you to compare with previous ones to avoid mistakes before purchasing and payment process. It is important for making a note for all suppliers and inputs the track record of the supplier in the system.

Purchase Process and Negotiation by System

An electronic purchase is helping the professional purchaser to do the purchase process and negotiation through the system. The E-catalogue facility and the supplier database help you to contact the suppliers without waiting for so many days to get feedback about your order.

E-catalogue also has enabled a company to make an order electronically and easier. This tool is available for sellers and buyers. As a professional purchaser, this system helps you to select the best suppliers and compare a good price from various e-catalog suppliers. 

An electronic purchase system has grown rapidly in a company system. This system is become very popular because of its benefits for supporting a purchase process in the company. It will make the procurement process easier with the system than do it manually with paper-based. 

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