Why Your Worker Should Wear Safety Glasses

Why Your Worker Should Wear Safety Glasses

It’s really important to understand the excellence of wearing safety glasses before purchasing to B2B company to protect your workers. Not only the benefits of wearing safety glasses, but you also need to know about specifications and types to get the right tools for supporting your workers.

There is a fact reported by National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health or NIOSH that 2,000 workers get eye injuries when they are working every day. We know that so many causes of eye problems just like chemical substances, eye contact with production tools, etc.

There are so many safety glasses brand which offer any specifications and types to support your workers. You need to choose which type that suitable for your workers. One recommended brand that you need to consider is the Superior Glove brand.

Safety glasses have an important role to protect your workers. These are some reasons why your workers should wear eyewear.

Protecting Your Eyes from Small Particle

Before purchasing safety glasses in a B2B company, one thing you need to understand is the importance value of wearing eyewear. Safety glasses have an important function to protect your eyes from small particles such as dust or dirt while working. Its small particle can damage your vision.

It’s all particles that can irritate your eyes and damage your vision while working. It can be uncomfortable. It shows that’s important to wear safety glasses. It’s all small particle is really dangerous if irritate your workers’ eyes. So, you need to wear safety glasses to keep your eyes healthy.

We can provide eyewear with various types and specifications to support your needs in your industry. The size of eyewear is fitted to your eyes so it can be comfortable. You can purchase the products online in our B2B company. Our eyewear product is completed with soft nose pads for user comfort.

We provide eyewear with high protection for your eyes. Our product has excellence such as scratch and impact-resistant, and hard-coated lenses. So, when you wear our eyewear, you don’t need to worry about any particles that irritate your eyes because it has a hard-coated lens.

We have various types and prices of eyewear. There are Oracle Protective Eyewear and Spector Protective Eyewear. You can choose the type as your need and financial budget.  For more detailed information, access our official website at www.astacipta.com.

Protecting Your Eyes from Eye Injuries by Wearing Safety Glasses

One important thing you must understand before purchasing eyewear in a B2B company is the function. Safety glasses have an important function to protect your eyes from eye injuries such as splashes of chemical substances, oil, even fumes.  

If your eyes contact with those particles, it can irritate your eyes and cause eye injuries. Maybe you don’t realize that those particles irritate your eyes. You will scratch your eyes and it can cause many problems just like infections, and minor injuries.

All those infections and minor injuries can make blindness if you don’t take any medical treatment as soon as possible. It shows that eyewear has an important role against eye injuries. Eyewear has an important role not only in protecting your eyes but also giving a big impact on your eye health. You need to purchase in a B2B company to get a good quality product.

If you need safety glasses for your industry, we can provide a product from the Superior Glove brand with sizes comfort design and has an international standard that’s CSA standard Z94.3 for eye and face protectors. For more detailed information, you can access our website at www.astacipta.com.

UV Light Protection by Wearing Safety Glasses

Purchasing eyewear in a B2B company is the best option to get a product on a large scale. One important function of wearing eyewear is UV light protection. If you do so many activities outdoor for a long hour, ultraviolet light exposure can affect your eyes.

You should wear eyewear when doing many activities outside. If your workers are exposed to ultraviolet light for a long hour, it can cause serious eye problems such as cataracts. That’s why you need to use the product.

We provide a product with a competitive price, starts from IDR 40,500. Our eyewear has the excellence to protect your eyes from ultraviolet light. Our products can block more than 99.9% of UV-A and UV-B light. You can wear the products whenever doing activities outside the office.

If you need eyewear for any industries including for personal use, we can provide a product from the Superior Glove brand. You can choose the right size for your workers. You can get the product by purchasing in our B2B company, Astacipta.

We are an authorized distributor for the Superior Glove brand, we will give you an original product. All the types and specifications of eyewear are 100% original. You don’t need to doubt our quality because we also give a product guarantee to repair or change the product.

The Effect of Computer Vision Syndrome Can be Reduced

To get a good quality product of safety glasses, you can purchase it in our B2B company. We provide eyewear for industrial needs or personal use. We provide a product for supporting your workers in indoor and outdoor activities such as protecting your workers while using a computer.

It’s not surprising that when we work using a computer for a long period. Our eyes will just focus on viewing the computer screen. When you do it for a long time, your eyes will potentially get Computer Vision Syndrome or CVS. Computer Vision Syndrome is the syndrome that makes your eyes dry, blurred, even eyestrain.

Wearing safety glasses can protect your eyes from all the syndromes. Especially when your safety glass is completed with a hard-coated lens just like our products from Superior Glove brand. That eyewear feature can make you comfortable while viewing a computer screen. So, it’s really important to buy the product in a B2 company.

We provide products at various prices. You just can tell us about your financial budget and we will give you a special offering. Our product is budget-friendly so you can buy the product that suits your budget.

If you a safety glasses for your industry, we can provide a product from Superior Glove brand which has an international standard for eye and face protectors. For more detailed types and specifications products, you can access our official website at www.astacipta.com.

Choosing the right safety glass can be something confusing work. You need to understand product quality and product design to create comfortable use. You need to check the price so you can get the product that suits your financial budget. You can purchase in our B2B company, Astacipta to get a special offering.

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